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Thermometer for professional coffee preparation

Many factors are decisive for a perfect espresso, the brewing temperature and the extraction time are essential factors for the taste from sour to PERFECT to bitter.
* only with GBTVAT and GBTP

Precise temperature control

Get accurate real-time measurement of brewing water temperature and extraction time* throughout the brewing process.

Optimized espresso preparation

The ability to adjust the temperature to suit the requirements of different types of coffee means you can enjoy perfectly extracted espressos with a full aroma.

Simple installation

The thermometer can be easily attached to the E61 brew group and integrates seamlessly into the design of your espresso machine.

Durability and robustness

Manufactured from high-quality materials, the Geisinger thermometer is designed for long-term use and offers reliable performance.

For which espresso machines (brewing groups) do the thermometers fit?

The thermometers fit (almost) all E61 brew groups with an inspection screw. If you are not sure whether the thermometer is the right one for your machine, simply send a photo to info@geisinger.eu and we will reply immediately.

What are the benefits of the brewing group thermometer?

The thermometer gives you immediate feedback on the brewing temperature over the entire brewing process. When the machine is switched on, the thermometer informs you of the temperature status of the machine. You can therefore use the cooling flush before the first brew. Due to its design, the sensor is slightly above the coffee puck, i.e. you must subtract a maximum of 2°C from the displayed value to obtain an exact extraction temperature.

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